Package spock.lang

Annotation Type Unroll

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface Unroll
    Indicates that iterations of a data-driven feature should be made visible as separate features to the outside world (IDEs, reports, etc.). By default, the name of an iteration is the feature's name followed by a consecutive number. This can be changed by providing a naming pattern after @Unroll. A naming pattern may refer to data variables by prepending their names with #. Example:
     @Unroll("#name should have length #length")
     def "name length"() {
       name.size() == length
       name << ["Kirk", "Spock", "Scotty"]
       length << [4, 5, 6]
    Alternatively, the naming pattern can also be embedded in the method name:
     def "#name should have length #length"() {
    The Unroll annotation can also be put on a spec class. This has the same effect as putting it on every data-driven feature method that is not already annotated with Unroll. By embedding the naming pattern in the method names, each method can still have its own pattern.
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      java.lang.String value  
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        java.lang.String value